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Aithan Change Table

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We are happy to introduce our Bohemian inspired nursery items made out of locally sourced rattan. Changing table comes with a 2” uratex foam and cover.


36” L x 19” W x 36” H

AGE RECOMMENDATION: 0 - 12 months old


Rattan changing tables are perfect for newborns 0 to 12 months old. Table size is about 36" which can cater an average 1yo's height of 30". The maximum weight that our changing tables can hold is usually up to 9.5kgs or approximately 20lbs considering the average 9mos-1yo weight which is 20-23lbs.


Regularly clean surface using a dry or damp soft cloth. Avoid using rough and/or abrasive cleaners. Avoid prolonged contact with water. Avoid using furniture wax, polish, or varnish as the item is already finished with a protective clear lacquer and such materials may be harmful for the baby.