Our Story


Adelina Home originated from a single idea -  integrating a dreamer's creativity and passion for plants into an entrepreneurship showcasing native handcrafted pieces by Filipino artisans inspired by tropical vibes and earthy bohemian aesthetics.

This concept was borne from the fact that her late mother - Adelina - was her definition of home. Despite their humble background, she was a witness to how passion-driven her mother was and how that passion led their family to a more comfortable situation in the late years of their lives. This instilled in her a drive to provide a tribute to her mother's hard work by finding an platform where she can share her passion and ideas to other people whilst providing a medium for those in the same situation to garner recognition for the talents evident in their work.

This led to the development of this humble company that wishes to spark in each individual a love for nature and a wholesome appreciation of its beauty. This dreamer hopes that regardless of ups and down in life, you would have the strength to turn your passion into reality. Remember to do all things with love and that you can "do all things through Christ which strengthens you" (Philippians 4:13).