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Luna Coco Bowl

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    Every year, 50 billion coconuts fall from trees around the globe. most of these coconuts’ shells are discarded and burned as waste, which produces harmful levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, these discarded coconut shells are now being reclaimed and turned into food-safe and visually pleasing bowls.

      + Coco Bowl: 5” D x 3" H
      + Coco Spoon/Fork: 2” W x 8" H, Handle 0.5" W
      + Coco Bowl: 100% Natural Coconut Shell
      + Coco Spoon/Fork: 100% Natural Coconut Shell and Mahogany for the Handle
      + Option 1: 1pc Coco Bowl
      + Option 2: 1pc Coco Bowl with 1pc Coco Spoon and 1pc Coco Fork

    Wash with warm soapy water then air dry. Recommended to use only with room temperature and cool foods. Avoid using with hot food. Do not microwave. To maintain its shine, wipe with coconut oil from time to time.

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